Go try shareLatex

by Jean-Philippe Fortin

Last semester, John Muschelli and I had to collaborate on two class projects, one consisting of writing a report for a DNA methylation data analysis, the other about presenting a fascinating paper on the

That means we had 3 latex documents — one article and two beamer presentations that we were simultaneously working on every day (and every night). Synchronizing the files, even if we both use regularly version control (like GitHub or BitBucket ), would have been a nightmare: who really wants to commit every 30 seconds? Thankfully, John knew about shareLatex , and I called it an end-of-semester miracle. , and I called it an end-of-semester miracle.

Here is why shareLatex is awesome:

  • It hosts your latex documents online, and you can add as many contributors to the project as you want.
  • You can simultaneously type in the document, and you can see the mouse cursors of your friends moving on the screen, in real-time.
  • You can upload figures into the project so that you have your full presentation ready online
  • There are 6 ready-to-use templates: Journal Article, Presentation, Thesis, Bibliography, CV and Cover Letter. Pretty handy.
  • You can export projects to your laptop in one click
  • You can synchronize your projects with Dropbox (beta version)
  • Finally, it’s free !